Sustainability at the BERGGEHEIMNIS

A big term, but one that is nevertheless important to us. The BERGGEHEIMNIS is not big, but we too can set an example and act sustainably. We try to do this within the scope of our possibilities. We support projects that are important to us. That is why we are committed to regional partnerships and the promotion of ecological projects.

  • For this reason, we avoid sending tickets or vouchers by post, for example. All our administrative processes can be mapped online.
  • Furthermore, it is important to us to integrate fairness and appreciation in our dealings with our business partners and employees into everyday life.
  • This and other commitments help us to keep the ecological footprint of the BERGGEHEIMNIS as small as possible:
  1. Ecological responsibility:
    We support a project close to our hearts, our BERGGEHEIMNIS forest, which we have created together with "myreforest" afforestation.
  2. Social responsibility:
    We let many of our little boxes & crates from the REHA Association Freiburg ready.
  3. Ecological responsibility:
    We are partner of the Black Forest Association and are always looking for new ways to reduce our ecological footprint.
  4. Economic responsibility:
    We have an internal target to include as many local services for the MOUNTAIN HOME as possible.

1. ecological responsibility: 
The MOUNTAIN SEcrets forest

For this purpose, we have chosen a piece of forest between Oberried and Kirchzarten in the Dreisamtal, which we, as BERGGEHEIMNIS, are making sustainable together with the forest farmers and our customers. The focus is on transforming the many damaged monocultures into healthy, sustainable mixed forests. By donating money for trees and through our own cooperation, we invest in meaningful and sustainable work, which you can also support with your contribution!
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Our building certificates

2. social responsibility: 
Rehab Association Freiburg

Custom-made boxes & crates are mainly produced by REHA-Freiburg. This non-profit association supports people with mental and physical disabilities to participate in community life. All projects are manufactured to our complete satisfaction. We are very happy about this partnership and the associated opportunity to make our society a little more social.

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3. ecological responsibility: Black Forest Association

The BERGGEHEIMNIS - at home in the Black Forest and out and about. So it is more than obvious that we are members of the Black Forest Association. In this way, we also want to express our gratitude for the many people who are out there marking paths, preserving the cultural landscape and keeping an eye on nature conservation in addition to the local tradition!


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4. economic responsibility: 
Local partners

Whether IT services, marketing agency, businesses such as saddlery and tailoring, handicraftsmen and workshops.
In many matters, we maintain cooperation with companies based in Freiburg or the region.
We want to be active not only in the region, but also for the region. 
This regionality usually has its price, which we have to pass on to some extent to our customers. Nevertheless, it is and remains our goal to act responsibly. 

  • For the creation of our experiences, we need many unusual materials and products that support us in making our Escape Tours a special experience. These products are often specially made for us and usually come from regional handicraft businesses or our own handiwork.
  • When it comes to regionality, we also focus on regional marketing: players often receive a small giveaway at the end of their tour.
    Whether that's a tea from the local herb farm or a fine wine from the local vintner - we put our money into the local market!
  • 2021, we have gained a very big partner in sustainability with the Heinz Sielmann Foundation. The foundation's work is based on preserving and promoting diversity. It is dedicated to nature conservation and the preservation of rare habitats. With our outdoor escape walk "1948 - Sielmann on a mysterious trail" around the beautifully situated Herbigshagen estate in Duderstadt, we have made a small, playful contribution to helping young and old discover biodiversity and its importance.