Frequently asked questions

Do you still have unanswered questions? We answer as many questions as possible in our FAQ help portal. If your question is not listed here, please feel free to contact us. 

Basic questions - independent of the location or the respective experience:

Our experiences are primarily designed for children and young people aged 14 and over. This means that young people do not have to pay until they are 14 years old. Of course, even the youngest can join in and puzzle - but they don't have to contribute much to the solution...
But we design in the Black Forest under "Annis Schwarzwald Geheimnis" in many communities for the target group 7 - 12 years: Here you can find more info

Yes, this can be done without any problems. Up to 48 hours before the start of the game, you can book individual persons at a later date (for an extra charge) or remove them (for a refund). We are flexible!

Yeah, sure - no problem. Two solutions:

  • You book in yourself and make the note "Need an invoice" in the comment field when booking and leave an invoice signature required for this purpose.
  • We book you in and you send us back the booking confirmation with the relevant invoice signature so we can get it ready for you.

It's relatively simple: we need an average revenue amount for the effort in total so that the costs are covered. If we were to handle this with a flat rate, where 3 people pay the same price as 8 people, for example, then the basic price would be so high that we would not be able to offer smaller groups a correspondingly lower price. On average, we finance the tours through the income of larger groups, which consequently pay more and whose income we also need to provide smaller groups with the actually cross-subsidised play equipment at a correspondingly lower price. As a comparison: a cinema also calculates with an average occupancy rate of x per cent. If only 5 people came at a time, then a cinema ticket of, say, 10 euros per person would not be affordable. The total costs are broken down to an average number of visitors. That's how it is with us too...

Yes, that is possible in principle, but two brains are not enough to solve our puzzles. Furthermore, the minimum price (except for the Bike Escape and the Roman Mystery!) is always three people.

Yes, no problem. The best thing is to send a short email with the information about the date and the desired increase. You will then receive a new confirmation with the amount still missing, which you can pay via Paypal, bank transfer or similar!

Sure, no problem. Children only pay from the age of 14. The paths are also easily doable for small children, but it must be clear that probably no solutions will come from children, as things are quite complex...

In our case, the statutory regulations apply with the general limitation period of three years - calculated from the end of the year in which it was purchased.

Of course you can continue to play - after time only the fate in the story may change, but play calmly to the end!

Questions about the Schauinsland site: Luise & Friedrich, or Linus: The water is coming!

Well, yes - in the classical sense, one could argue that this is not the case. But if you have big tyres that can go off-road, then it should be doable. There is a small passage where it is a bit narrow and also a bit more difficult with smaller steps, but if one or the other helps out, it should be possible. But it is definitely not a strolling path!

In principle, the weight is manageable, but one person should be at the start without their own backpack. You will receive a jute bag for all games. In the course of the game, the weight of the backpack is shifted, and the boxes and locks that are played out go into the burlap bag!

Sure, that's possible! Just hand in your rucksack at the top station at the end of the game and ride down later! But pay attention to the last descent! Depending on the season, this is at 5 pm!

The indicated time is the start at the valley station - there you will receive the game instructions and the tickets for the ascent against the confirmation!

You have to pay for your registered group of five people, but you can take the unused ticket home with you. It does not lose its value and can be used by you or someone else!

Please take it to the ticket office. You will then receive the tickets and the game instructions.

If you are an experienced team, then yes. Otherwise, we recommend that you book for 1 pm, or at least be at the start on time at 2 pm - you will probably need the time 😉