Outdoor Escape Experience at Schauinsland - from 109,00€ plus system fee for 3 persons

Impressions from the tour

The story

Friday 13 September, 2080:
Linus is stuck in his weather station on the Schauinsland. It has been raining for days, roads have turned into rivers. Cut off from the rest of the world, Linus watches on his monitors as the water level in front of the dam wall built in 2067 rises and rises. What to do! If only he had more time! TIME?! He rushes to the cellar to his adventurous inventions: "I had this machine...!"
2019, more than sixty years earlier: "Splash!" - Peter K., a long-time employee of the Schauinsland railway, is rudely jolted out of his daydream when a wet rucksack lands next to him. Distraught, he unpacks it: Enigmatic drawings, gibberish, strange objects... what's that supposed to tell him!!!
Are you ready to decipher an adventurous message from the future? Dive into Linus' world and help him avert disaster!

Task and aim of this tour
Linus goes to his work cellar in the middle of the dam built in 2067 and desperately searches for his last hope amidst the experiments that never work: his time machine! It has been raining cats and dogs for weeks. Climate researchers had always warned of weather changes, but no one had foreseen that climate changes could result in such a storm over the Black Forest. Now the dam built in Günterstal is threatening to burst. For a long time, he tried to lower the dam in a controlled manner, but for days now, electricity has only been available to a limited extent in South Baden. Through his time machine, he should perhaps be able to warn the people of Freiburg of the impending danger. You have three hours to correctly decipher an adventurous message from the future ...

A team, a mountain trip up the Schauinsland. Enigmatic messages - the goal is to get back down! But the tickets are locked...

Plug-in sheet


approx. 3.5h


4.5 km

Puzzle complexity

Difficulty Route


Start & End Point

Mountain station of the Schauinslandbahn



More facts

  • The booked start time is laid out for the meeting point at the Schauinsland valley station. There you will receive the game instructions and the train tickets. The puzzle & game equipment will be handed out at the mountain station!
  • You need sturdy shoes that are suitable for the outdoors!
  • Price includes the ascent and descent to the Schauinsland worth € 14 / person
  • The playing time applies from the top station. In addition, there is the uphill and downhill ride of 20 minutes each.
  • The weather can change quickly on the Schauinsland - so please don't forget rainwear and warm jackets if the weather is suitable. The Schauinsland is at an altitude of 1284m!
  • The rucksacks must be handed over to the Schauinslandbahn before the end of operations! This must also be done if the mountain secret goers do NOT return with the cable car!
  • Please handle the utensils with care and do not break anything! You are liable for damages and lost items from the backpack!
  • You do the Outdoor Escape Walk alone and unaccompanied, i.e. you are on your own!
  • There is only an emergency number that can be called in case of emergency!
  • Everyone - whether an experienced Exit Game player or not - can get involved in puzzle solving. The ambition to solve a difficult puzzle or to always bring new scenarios into play brings fun, cohesion and adventure
  • The game is not suitable for children & young people under 14 years of age
  • The game is played at your own risk - the Mountain Secret is not liable for possible accidents along the route!

Price overview

3 persons: 109.00€
4 persons: 129.00€
5 persons: 159.00€
6 persons: 189.00€
7 persons: 219.00€
8 persons: 249.00€
9 persons: 279.00€
10 persons and more: from €299.00
plus system fee


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