Outdoor Escape Experience in Tuniberg - from 89€ plus system fee

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The story

Rome, the year is 1959:
Pope John XXIII directs the destiny of the Catholic Church. Not far from the Vatican City, Eduardo lives at this time as the second eldest son of a large family. One day, the Pope's nuncio confides in him that all the papal mass wine has fallen victim to a drinking binge. As a wine connoisseur, he sets off in search of the very special wine at the Pope's request. But how was Eduardo to find the right wine? What had the nuncio given him to do - be vigilant! Should he look out for special signs, should he search for clues? Lost in thought, he wanders through the young vineyards. There he sees it - is this the first clue? Join Eduardo in his search for the "Vinum Secretis - the wine secret".

Tricky and intricate - the wine mystery is the perfect combination of puzzle, suspense and pure nature in the beautiful Tuniberg. Go back to 1959 and follow the tracks of Eduardo in search of the perfect wine...

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3.7 km

Puzzle complexity

Difficulty Route


Start & End Point

Holiday farm Walter, Opfingen



More facts

  • You need sturdy shoes that are suitable for the outdoors!
  • Suitable for young people aged 14 and over, i.e. there is no charge up to the age of 13.
  • suitable for 3 - 36 people
  • School classes (only Mon-Fri): 99,- € per group/backpack: we recommend max. 9 pupils per backpack plus system fee.
  • The route is also suitable for prams with slightly larger wheels!
  • There is a public toilet about halfway along the trail, which is "normally" open.
  • Please handle the utensils with care and do not break anything! You are liable for damages and lost items from the wine barrel!
  • You do the Outdoor Escape Walk alone and unaccompanied, i.e. you are on your own!
  • There is only an emergency number that can be called in case of emergency!
  • Everyone - whether experienced Exit Game player or not - can get involved in puzzle solving. The ambition to solve a difficult puzzle or to always bring new scenarios into play brings fun, cohesion and adventure
  • The game is played at your own risk - the BERGGEHEIMNIS is not liable for possible accidents along the route!

Price overview & notes

from 14 years - from 89€ plus system fee 

3 persons: 89.00€
4 persons: 100.00€
5 persons: 119.00€
6 persons: 145.00€
7 persons: 169.00€
8 persons: 189.00€
9 persons: 209.00€
10 persons and more: from €229.00
plus system fee, if applicable

School classes
Flat rate 99,- € / backpack (only Mon-Fri). We recommend up to 9 students per backpack. The class is divided into groups. You play in two, three or four smaller groups, also against each other.

In the event of a table reservation at Ferienhof Walter, it must be taken into account that possible break time, preparation & post-processing time must also be calculated into the above-mentioned playing time! This is important for the correct time of the table reservation! This means that the start time of the wine secret, e.g. 2 p.m., does NOT mean a table reservation for 4 p.m.! Calculate at least 3 - 3.5 hours AFTER the start time of the wine secret!

Important note about the weight of the wine cask:

At the start you will receive our "wine barrel" which contains all the utensils for the route. The barrel has straps and can therefore be carried on your back like a rucksack. However, with a total weight at the start of approx. 15kg, it is no lightweight. At the same time, you will be given a cloth bag in which the games you have played (boxes, locks, etc.) will be placed bit by bit. This means that the weight is redistributed in the course of the game, but the starting weight should not be underestimated!


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from €89.00/3 persons

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