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The Legend of Falkenstein

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The story

🇬🇧 Also available in English! Just select the English option during the booking process.


At the gates of the Dreisamtal, anno 1313

Knight Kuno von Falkenstein and his wife Ida reside in their castle at the entrance to the Höllental. As their marriage is childless so far, Kuno embarks on an uncertain journey into the distance to summon the blessing of heaven. Ida stays behind...

Their tranquil life at the castle in the Dreisamtal is now over: Kuno gets into a difficult situation far from home and Ida has to fend for herself from then on.

Kuno has to go on his own adventures and manage without your help. Ida, on the other hand, can use all the help she can get to solve the mysterious riddles in and around Kirchzarten. Help her and find out what the future holds for the two of them after Kuno's legendary adventure!

We will take you back to a bygone era and become part of the legend of Falkenstein. An adventure that will captivate you and your family!

Venture into the world of the Middle Ages and experience an unforgettable family escape in Kirchzarten. The future of Knight Kuno and Ida is in your hands!


An exciting family adventure that brings the old legend of the knight Kuno von Falkenstein and his wife Ida to life!

Plug-in sheet


3 h


5.5 km

Puzzle complexity



Start & End Point

Restaurant & Bar Fiesta | Kirchzarten



More facts

  • 🇬🇧 Also available in English! Just select the English option during the booking process.
  • Ideal for families with children aged 7 and over. Children up to and including 6 years old play free of charge.
  • The experience starts and ends at Restaurant & Bar Fiesta in Kirchzarten.
  • Suitable for up to 9 people.
  • There is a toilet in a restaurant about halfway along the route or a public toilet about 80% of the way.
  • There is free parking on site.
  • The path is conditionally suitable for prams. You could leave the pram at a certain place, where you come back about 20 minutes later.
  • Please handle the utensils with care and do not break anything! You are liable for damages and lost items from the backpack!
  • You do the family Escape experience alone and unaccompanied, i.e. you are on your own!
  • If you need tips & solutions along the way, there is a handout for you to take with you!
  • There is only an emergency number that can be called in case of emergency!
  • Everyone - whether an experienced Exit Game player or not - can get involved in puzzle solving. The ambition to solve a difficult puzzle or to always bring new scenarios into play brings fun, cohesion and adventure.
  • The game is played at your own risk - the BERGGEHEIMNIS is not liable for possible accidents along the route!

Further notes

from 7 years - from 59€ plus system fee - approx. 3 hours (≈ 1.5 hrs. walking time | 1.5 hrs. puzzle time plus moments of enjoyment) - walking distance: approx. 5.5 km - suitable for beginners

Children under 7 are free of charge!

One family (max. 2 parents):
- With up to 3 children (7 - 13 years): **59,-**
- With up to 4 children (7 - 13 years): **75,-**
- With up to 5 children (7 - 13 years): **89,-**
- Up to 6 children and more: **99,-**


Two families (max. 4 parents):
- No matter how many children: 99,-


Children's birthday parties:
- No matter how many children: 99,-


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